原文:"There are some people who almost ONLY use the PL-960. It is the absolutely BEST equipment for conducting blind sweeps. It is the machine that I was trained on and the most comfortable with using.For a crew having just one option, I always suggest the PL-960. "


译文:“一些在加拿大的管线探测人员只使用PL-960。对于盲测来说,这是最棒的仪器。基本上给新进入行业的探测人员进行培训时,PL-960会作为主要的培训设备。假如一支探测队伍只有一种设备选择,我往往都会推荐他们选择PL-960。” - Marvin,来自加拿大的一名管线探测培训导师。




        相比于加拿大在PL-960管线仪上的大量应用,北美地区在ZCorr多探头和LC-2500两探头相关仪的应用更为频繁。在微信平台中我们曾经推送过一篇关于北美地区应用ZCorr探测的实例(美国佐治亚洲克莱顿郡漏损率降低案例——Zcorr数字记录型多点相关仪漏水探测系统的应用)。在现场通过与美国总代的互相交流,再一次印证了ZCorr在美国供水管网测漏上的广泛应用。不用于国内的4探头应用,在美国东部,尤其是迈阿密地区,通常测漏队会购置8套8探头型的ZCorr,将一共64个探头布设在整个探查区域。通过LIFT & SHIFT 方法(或巡逻法)每日定期两次拾取探头数据。由于ZCorr探头的相关分析能力,一旦发现异常噪声峰值,测漏人员可结合操作软件中的地图轻松定位出任意位置管线上的漏点位置。不仅如此,测漏人员专门将ZCorr和同类型设备进行了对比,发现前者在球墨铸铁管测漏上体现了巨大的优势(图1)



漏水探测工程师:Paul Murphy






原文:the videosare of the pressure found on the pipe work through a large scale leak, I wasstood over the leak that when excavated was firing downwards from the bottom ofthe pipe into a huge cavity the water was getting away to the sea through afissure in the rock, the sea is only 75mtrs from the leak. The pipe material isPVC size 160mm. what we found was that we were getting a very low level noiseon first sweep I decided due to the way the pumping station was running to slowmy survey down spending thirteen sec approx on each sounding I then got a highlevel of noise and the gauge came to 100 dropping back to 20 showing when thepump actuated and once at pressure closing down. pump on @ 2.5 bar pup off @4.5bar it was taking 13 seconds to drop 4.5 to 2.5 bar then taking 13 seconds whenpump on to reach from 2.5 to 4.5 bar. if you can listen on pc external speakersor through head phones you can hear the leak noise lift and lower. Thefollowing video is the gauge at the pump station cutting in and out showing thesame results as the Fuji the pump station is some 2 km from where the Fuji waspicking up sound. There where three major leaks in this area all discovered bythe Fuji saving this client a considerable amount of cost in water productioncalculations are on going to ascertain leakage amount. All in all the Fuji hasagain proved to be an invaluable tool to the leakage community working on PVC.










原文:“The Delaware Rural Water Assoc. (DRWA) has had the opportunity to use the LD-18 Professional’s Water Leak Detector over the past two years. There was one occasion that really impressed the water system personnel and me. One afternoon, DRWA received a call from the City of Dover stating that water was seeping up from the curbing and a wet area in the middle of Route 13 on a major section of the highway. This highway consists of six inches of blacktop and eight inches of concrete, with the eight-inch cast iron main approximately thirty-six inches deep. We arranged to meet the supervisor at 11:00p.m. that evening when there was less traffic. At 11:00p.m., we placed company vehicles blocking a section of the highway so that we could mark out the service lines and then run the main out. After about a half hour, we took out our LD-18 and listened at the closest valves, then at the hydrant in which we got (leak sound) levels of an apparent leakage. After that, we walked the service line numerous times hearing nothing. We then focused on the main. Remembering that we had six inches of blacktop and eight inches of concrete, we knew that this was going to be a challenge. We made several passes up and down the main, marking potential areas and narrowing down on the leak. After several minutes using the (visible LED bar graph) scope on the LD-18, we established an area that we felt sure was the leak. The next day the city dug up that specific area, and we were right on top of a crack in a bell joint. The city employees were amazed at how well the LD-18 worked. This is just one of many times that we have used the LD-18. We stand by it because it works and saves time and money.”


译文:德拉瓦州水协 (DRWA)在过去的两年中有机会使用LD-18(DNR-18)专业的漏水探测器。有一次,它的能力给水协会工作人员留下了深刻的印象。一天下午,德拉瓦水协接到了多佛市打来的电话,在高速公路的主要路段,13号公路路面中间出现渗水现象。这条高速公路由6英寸(15厘米)的沥青和8英寸(20厘米)的混凝土构成,8英寸(DN200)的铸铁主约36英寸(91厘米)深。由于夜晚噪声小,因此我们安排在晚上11点与主管见面。11:00p.m,我们在高速公路上标出探测区域,取出我们听漏仪,对最近的阀门以及消防栓进行听漏,得到了明显的泄漏噪声。之后我们在探测区域的管道上反复的进行探查。由于路面下方是6英寸的沥青和8英寸的混凝土,我们都知道这将会是一个挑战。我们在主干线上听了几次,标记了潜在的漏水异常区域,缩小了漏水的范围。通过使用DNR-18上最小音压值曲线判定了几分钟后,我们确定了漏点位置。第二天,工人开挖这个点,发现了承插口上的漏点。多佛市的工人们对DNR-18的运作方式感到非常惊讶,而这只是我们使用该设备众多案例中的一个。我们支持该设备,因为它真正起到了节省时间和金钱的作用。”Richard Duncan, Delaware Rural Water Association, Harrington, Delaware



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